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I am a user experience designer, visual designer,
product designer, coder and a design leader.

Hi there! My name is Anand. I have been creating user-centered experiences for over a decade. I hold an Engineering degree in Computer Science. My passion for design led me to pursue a Master's degree in User Experience Design (UXD) from Kent State University.

Anand Gagarin. Photo taken in World Usability Congress, Austria.

Why am I in the field of design?

Since a young age, I have been passionate about design and animation. In 8th grade, I tried creating cartoons using frame-by-frame animation in Macromedia Flash. I used Photoshop to create the necessary images for the animations, and as time went by, I became increasingly interested in the various fields of design. Eventually, I realized that user satisfaction should be the top priority, which led me to shift my focus towards user experience design.


'Dream of a Designer - Anand Gagarin story' graphic novel

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First page of the graphic novel - "Dream of a Designer - Anand Gagarin story'


World UX Championship Finalist:

One of the five finalists of the UX World Championship conducted by the World Usability Congress held at Graz, Austria. The World Usability Congress is an international premier user experience design conference that brings together experts from different industries to share their real-world UX challenges and collaborate with attendees in multi-disciplinary workshops

Article from Kent State University:

I have a passion for collecting keychains outside of my design work. I enjoy exploring various designs and styles of keychains and adding them to my collection. Additionally, I have a Facebook page where I share photos of my keychains with other enthusiasts.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to connect:

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